I made this a few weeks ago, I have attempted to make this before but it never went well and I realised why. I would always add way too much garlic, which would overpower the taste resulting in making my breathe to feel horrible which is not what ya need when you want to make a healthy snack.

One thing I did this time, was peel the chickpeas which takes a while and can seem overwhelming if you don’t have much time, it took me 20 mins, maybe even half an hour to peel them and surprisingly was really therapeutic.

Once I had done this, I added smoked paprika, coriander, roasted a yellow pepper, salt and pepper, lemon juice and garlic purée (make such you don’t add much at all)

Once you have all of this, simply blend and make sure you are happy with the taste of it and then place in

+ 1 can of chickpeas (pealed afterwards once opened)
+ 2 tbsp of lemon juice
+ 1 teaspoon of smoked paprika
+ Pinch of salt + pepper
+ 1 pepper (I chose yellow as that was what I had in the fridge).


This meal is always my go too when I fancy a quick meal! It does involve pre cooking and freezing a lot of portions (sounds like a lot, but when it’s all done, it is very satisfying when you know all you need to do is reheat a nutritious meal).

It starts off with getting all the veggies chopped up, chickpeas (tinned), bell peppers, red onion, sweet potato, coconut milk (light), tin tomatoes (also tinned). The herbs which are just as important as the veggies; coriander, cumin seeds, turmeric, ginger, curry powder (korma), salt + pepper.

I then put all of this into my slow cooker, usually leave this for 4+ hours (high heat) and it’s ready! I usually just have the curry by itself, or add rice/ couscous to change it up a little. Every time I make this, I usually make enough for 4 portions or more!

I usually throw this in and see what happens, but am happy to provide recipe details x


My journey begins, with objects (my illustrations) I have held onto for years but just sit there. Deciding what work to throw away was very challenging but I knew I had to decide. I started by getting rid of the bits that I don’t use that felt easy, but it started getting more difficult when it came to work that I had spent hours on, ideas of my imagination onto paper, every illustration I had created was difficult in its own way. How was I going to decide what work should be saved when it all meant something to me? The hours and hours I had spent working on this, the time I had put into this.

It felt impossible at first, so I started to take photos on my phone of my work, to know it will always have a place where I can go back and look at the work I had created for inspiration etc. Once I had done this, I thought it would be easy but it wasn’t at all. Days later I thought if I had really wanted to hold onto it, I would have revisited it within those days but I hadn’t. It just sat there. I managed to sort through paintings that meant the most to me, I managed to cut it down to a third so far, I know it will take a while to eventually throw away them all but for now I am happy with managing to throw away more than I thought I could. I did also recycle all of my work I had thrown away which made me feel better about it too.

My next steps, are to throw away other things, clothes, books + more of my illustrations.


This year I have decided to start a blog to gather my thoughts and to inspire others of interests of mine and my work. I am currently 23 years old living down by the South West along the coast in North Devon. I have grown up always living down here so being by the seaside has always been something that I’m familiar with. I did flee the nest for a few years where I chose to study illustration in Cardiff, this was mostly focused on Children’s books (picture books) after then, chose to move back home where I could start my journey with a big amount of debt. I now sell holidays for a living, alongside I am always drawing daily and work as a freelance illustrator. So far, I have created a children’s book called “THE FRIDGE IS BEING RUDE” and lots of furry pet portraits for clients. I hope you have enjoyed my first brief introduction, I will be going into depth more about my interests and other topics in my next upcoming posts ~

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