My journey begins, with objects (my illustrations) I have held onto for years but just sit there. Deciding what work to throw away was very challenging but I knew I had to decide. I started by getting rid of the bits that I don’t use that felt easy, but it started getting more difficult when it came to work that I had spent hours on, ideas of my imagination onto paper, every illustration I had created was difficult in its own way. How was I going to decide what work should be saved when it all meant something to me? The hours and hours I had spent working on this, the time I had put into this.

It felt impossible at first, so I started to take photos on my phone of my work, to know it will always have a place where I can go back and look at the work I had created for inspiration etc. Once I had done this, I thought it would be easy but it wasn’t at all. Days later I thought if I had really wanted to hold onto it, I would have revisited it within those days but I hadn’t. It just sat there. I managed to sort through paintings that meant the most to me, I managed to cut it down to a third so far, I know it will take a while to eventually throw away them all but for now I am happy with managing to throw away more than I thought I could. I did also recycle all of my work I had thrown away which made me feel better about it too.

My next steps, are to throw away other things, clothes, books + more of my illustrations.

Published by chloefrancescajago

Illustrator | plant lover

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